Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Real Blog

I changed my name!
Not my name silly! I'm still Alana, but my blog's name is all new. 
I was getting bored with my old blog, and decided that it is a new year, and a new look would motivate me! 
I have been texting my friend nonstop trying to come up with a new name, but of course it was a challenge.
We came up with a ton of ideas, but most of them were no where near serious. 

Some of our ideas: 
Pink, Pearls, and Pumps
Hairspray, Heels, and Hotels (Hooker?)
Sparklana (All about fire)
I Don't Fly Coach (except for always...)
Shopaholics Anonymous (Exists to help shoplifters)
Bargain Beauty 

Like I said, none were very serious options. 
When I thought of Sophistication and Sparkles, I instantly knew it was a must. 

It has the perfect amount of maturity and youth to it, while still suiting my style. 

Let's face it, I wear way too much glitter.

So right now, (yes now!) bookmark my new site! 

I hope you guys will continue to read my blog, because it is only going to get better! 
I have big plans for this year and hope to share them with you.
Next week I will be revamping the look of the entire site, so get excited!

What do you think of the new name?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Alana,
    I love your YouTube channel and just recently started following you on blogger

    I am also a blogger and I also have a YouTube channel which i remembered you checked out so thanks for that :)

    i stopped uploading videos now for certain reasons and i've taken a really long break from blogger but i will be returning soon.

    i was wondering if you'd like to do some blog collabs sometime? like i could review your videos and stuff?

    let me know
    Floral Geek
    AKA Noreen xx